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1   Link   ears NYC boutique
About EARS BoutiqueNYC:There are thousands of discriminating musicians looking for that unique custom sound, like the classic boutique sounds of yesteryear. They don't want a mass produced product, they need a high end, hand made amp that gives them a sound like nobody else. They're looking for the uniqueness of a boutique design that can't be purchased from a local music store. They appreciate and will pay for a "Rolls Royce" product - if they can find one.

EARS BoutiqueNYC offers a one-stop shop for those clients. And, if you meet our criteria, we can place your amp or pedal in front of these motivated buyers. Every day, your product will be featured to touring, working musicians, managers, and roadies, as well as club, studio, and rehearsal hall owners.
You will be notified, immediately, of any interest or questions. We do not get between you and your prospective customers, except to put them in contact with you.
2   Link   aaXia Interactive Web Design
aaXia Interactive Web design, nyc. Ecommerce, content management systems
3   Link   The Keyboard Museum
Where Analog Rules a great collection of Vintage organs and snythesizers. Located in the heart of Manhattan keeping these valuable instruments alive for the next generation of musicians.